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“The Making of a Dream” 
“Tochter aus besserem Hause”


The Making of a Dream

Film by Daniela Ambrosoli, celebrate Premiere in Los Angeles at LA Femme Film Festival on October 2017. The film has been semi-finalist at Orlando Women Film Festival 2018. 

The Making of a Dream, is awarded as „Best Documentary“ at Utah Dance Film Festival (USA), as well as at the Austrian Film Festival in Vienna (AT).

At Nice Film Festival (FR) the film got a Nomination as „Best Cinematography“.


Scholarship holder 2020-2021


Bérénice Durozey (FR), Dance apprentice, Theater Sankt Gallen., Direktor Kinsun Chan   


Since December 2016 the new website of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation is online. 

Fotos von Shari Yantra Marcacci, Bachelor of Contemporary Dance ZKdH, taZ Tanz Akademie Zürich, Frank Marcacci, Aliocha Ivan Merker, Christian Glaus, Tianyu Gu.

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News 2021

Lou Steiger

Our ex-scholarship taker Lou Steiger’s collective “konstant*labil“ is currently holding its rehearsals in Berlin for their upcoming dance theater piece “abgenabelt”. The premiere will take place on the 20th of October 2021 at ISC Club in Bern (CH) if the corona situation in Switzerland allows the performance. We wish all involved parties toi, toi, toi and break a leg!

©Marlen Pflüger

©Marlen Pflüger



Lou Steiger

«Two characters, they wait. Bizarre dialogues, ensnared poses, dramatic rhythm changes and the fusion of text and movement. Through introspection the two characters figure out what they are waiting for and why they are trapped here.”

The stage production “abgenabelt (cutting of the cord)” by the company “konstant*labil” is a dance theatre production. With the means of expression like dance, pantomime, acrobatics, text and singing, devote the two movement artists Eva Weibel and Lou Steiger themselfes to the subject of becoming independent, to cut of the cord. The focal point of the piece is a philosophical and physical research with the central issue: in what way can we cut the cord regarding social and physical standards? And will by doing so, result or arise some new standards?

The 45-minute dance play should be available to all people, regardless of gender. We would like that the audience gets on their own discovery journey and that they assume self-responsibility for their thinking and acting. It is not intended to specify or to point out to the audience how one should live. The presentation of our world should rather provoke and evoke questions to the audience’s own world. The main goal is to animate the audience to relativise their own conception of reality. This involves a collective work process with an individual responsibility.


"abgenabelt (cutting of the cord)” by the company “konstant*labil”




Stefan Haupt



©Gabriel Hill


Bach – That my eyes see you

The new film by Stefan Haupt studies the last years of the live of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) in which he had to face his loss of the ability to see and his own mortality. At the same time Bach’s creativity and limitless artistic inspiration once again burst into bloom. Will the “musical comforter” find comfort and peace for himself surrounded by his family?





Luca Abdel-Nour 

Our ex-scholarship taker Luca Abdel-Nour, one of six Prize Winners of the Prix de Lausanne – Video Edition 2021, has chosen the company that he will be joining for the upcoming season. Due the courtesy of the “Bourse Jeune Espoir” he will be joining the Dutch National Ballet Junior Company for the season 2021/2022. We wish Luca lots of luck and all the best in Amsterdam!


Ilana Werner

On the 17th and 18th of April 2021 at 8 pm, the Master Dance Class of the ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) will present a live stream directly from the stage A of the Theater Gessneralle in Zürich. These final master projects will also feature our ex-scholarship taker Ilana Werner, who is currently working as a ballet master at the Luzerner Theater.

The live stream will present a dance teaching short film of Ilana who has been studying for her master degree (Master of Arts in Teaching and Coaching Dance Professionals) at ZHdK since August 2019.

Live stream of 17th April 2021:

Live stream of 18th April 2021:



Luca Abdel-Nour 

In 2021 Luca Abdel-Nour participates at the «Prix de Lausanne» that had inspired himself in becoming a dancer in the first place. His talent, his hard training and his persistence support him by making it to the finals. Luca gets awarded with 3 prizes: the scholarship «Bourse Jeune Espoir», the award «Best Swiss Candidate» and the «Audience Favourite» award. What a promising start for this young dancers career!



Miriam Prandi

Our ex-scholarship taker and cellist Miriam Prandi stayed in Saint Petersburg (Russia) since the outbreak of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic started. There she works for MusicAeterna under the leadership of Maestro Teodor Currentzis. She enthuses about her current situation: “There is an excellent working atmosphere at MusicAeterna and I can refine myself artistically. I have been “saved“ by this fantastic project by Maestro Currentzis during this worldwide crisis, especially because live concerts in Russia are still possible even if there are strict restrictions.“. Miriam Prandi is very fortunate. Thanks to MusicAeterna she can currently perform twice a week at Radio Dom in Saint Petersburg. Some of her performances are in chamber music and some others are solo concerts. “This is an invaluable experience, but I’m also looking forward to perform again as a soloist in Europe.”.

©Daniil Rabovsky

©Daniil Rabovsky



Gaetano Terrana

The current choreography work “Bagatelle“ of our ex-scholarship taker Gaetano Terrana, to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven, premiered on 19th December 2020 on the Brazilian TV station “Cultura”. The choreography is a short solo piece for Yoshi Suzuki, soloist of the São Paulo Dance Company, which was created in collaboration with the Brazilian TV station “Cultura”.


©Yan Revazov

©De-Da Productions



Ilva Eigus

Our ex-scholarship taker Ilva Eigus is currently conquering the hearts of Russia with her violin playing. The Swiss-Latvian talent won the golden award in the string instrument division at the Nutcracker competition in Moscow. But see for yourself from 23'14"




Mattia Zappa

Art is the salt of the earth. And our ex-scholarship taker Mattia Zappa and his cello are therefore the pepper that completes the right mixture and the right seasoning:



News 2020
Gaetano Terrana
©Bettina Stöss


For the seasons 2016-2020 Gaetano receives a contract as a dancer at the Hessischen Staatstheater Wiesbaden, director Tim Plegge.

Gaetano starts choreographing his first ballets in 2017. His latest choreographed piece is a solo for Yoshi Suzuki of the São Paulo Dance Company which was created in collaboration with the Brazilian television station “Cultura”.

Gaetano left the Hessische Staatstheater in the beginning of 2020 to become an independent dancer and choreographer. Unfortunately the worldwide COVID-19 crisis made it impossible for Gaetano to pursue his career. Therefore he quickly decided to chart a different path until the situation for dancers and choreographers de-escalates. He now does his Master’s degree in graphic illustration via online courses at the Falmouth University (UK).



João Menegussi

Our ex-scholarship taker João Menegussi made history together with Calvin Royal III in the American Ballet Theatre first all-male pas de deux piece “Touché” choreographed by Christopher Rudd. The piece made its debut opening the ABT’s virtual season on the 23rd of November 2020 together with three other world premieres. “Touché” is a balletic love story starring two men and is also a monumental step forward in the art form.

“This being a gay work, I wanted to make sure that everyone in the cast was also gay. That was first and foremost,” says Rudd. To cast Touché with gay dancers, Rudd turned to Instagram, combing through profiles of dancers for evidence of their romantic lives. His social media stalkings lead him to Menegussi and Royal. Both are members of the corps.

Rudd states also: “I wanted to make sure that I was offering an opportunity for a gay person to finally play a role that resembled the life that they lead.” The Brazilian-born Menegussi had “the perfect amount of youth as well as ambition,” says Rudd. As for Royal, the decision practically made itself.

Link: as from minute 20:00


Photo© Matador Content



Lou Steiger 

©Konstantin Demeter 

©Konstantin Demeter

Our ex-scholarship taker Lou Steiger will be performing her short dance theatre piece “Fatum Faber. Another first-person story” as part of the Festival “Hasard” on the 12th of December 2020 at the Teatro Cambusa in Locarno. Since there is no audience allowed in the theatre due to the COVID-19 situation in Switzerland, the whole festival will be broadcasted via livestream on the internet. Check out the link for more information and for your reservation:



Tanaka Lionel Roki

And the winners are: Muhammed Kaltuk, Egon Gerber and our ex-scholarship taker Tanaka Lionel Roki! Together they received the first prize for best choreography at the “Solo Dance Festival 2020” in Stuttgart and the residency price, both for Kaltuk’s contribution “FivE”. They competed against 270 competitors from 48 countries. Congratulations from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation to Muhammed Kalkut’s team for this huge success!

Link for trailer:



Jochen Heckmann


The city of Zurich priced Jochen Heckmann (Ex-scholarship taker of our foundation and artistic director of Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz) as well as Frank Rutishauser (Headmaster of Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz) for their outstanding work as pedagogues and agents in the field of dancing. Many congratulations from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for this great success.




Lorenzo Galdemann

SIPARIO . Interview di Michele Olivieri


©Peter Schönamsgruber/
©Peter Schönamsgruber/
©Peter Schönamsgruber/
©Peter Schönamsgruber/
Viedeostreeming concert Mattia Zappa, cello, Bach/Messiaen/Schostakovich
Antonella Martinelli



Bérénice Durozey

We are very happy to announce that the bachelor project “Indefinite" by our scholarship taker Bérénice Durozey and her friends won this years Bachelor Project Price at ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste). Bérénice and her friends who worked with her on the project were very surprised to learn about this news a few days ago.





The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation is pleased to support again a film project. The film project is the documentary CAVEMAN directed by Tommaso Landucci, which is a coproduction between Contrast Film Zurich and the renowned Italian DocLab Roma.

The documentary highlights the life of Filippo Dobrilla, the real CAVEMAN and also an eccentric sculptor who refused to comply with social conventions his entire life. The last 30 years he withdrew into a dark cave which lies 650 meters below ground under the Apuan Alps in Italy. At the age of 50 he decides to leave behind the self-chosen solitude and the challenge of poverty. He reveals himself and his works to the public. It’s a high price the artist has to pay. He leaves the cave which conceals his deep secret: a masterpiece which should not have been seen by the public during his lifetime.

An existential decision presented in extreme pictures. Sadly Filippo Dobrilla died from cancer in July 2019, shortly after his return to society.

All the best to all the parties for the completion of this film project. We are looking forward to the premiere. 




Lou Steiger, Scholarship holder 2019/2020

The final year project of our ex-scholarship taker Lou Steiger was picked for a performance on 14th of November 2020 at the Katapult Festival in Thalwil. Besides her preparations for her performance at the festival she is also working for the charitable organization “Clowns without borders”. They make missions to conflict areas and also arrange workshops for refugees from Swiss refugee centers where they invite the refugees to play theater.

We keep our fingers crossed for Lou for her oncoming auditions for projects and dance companies and we wish her all the best and lots of success.




Vernissage Book «Tochter aus besserem Hause»
The long awaited book launch party of the biography of our foundation’s president Daniela Ambrosoli took place on the 4th of September 2020 at Camping Delta in Locarno.

The opening of the event was done by our ex-scholarship taker Lou Steiger and her colleagues from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri performing their deeply moving show “Die Hand (The Hand)” which the numerous guests of the successful event were able to admire. The show highlighted the fabulous ambience of the Camping Delta on this beautiful day.

Before the reading of the biography the guests of the event were pampered with delicious Ticino risotto and authentic Ticino music.

The highlight of the event was of course the reading itself. Markus Maeder (Nightwriter) entertained, in the presence of Daniela Ambrosoli and editor Beat Hüppin (Antium Verlag), the guests with various excerpts from “Tochter aus besserem Hause (Daughter from a good house)”. He used the historical location of the Camping Delta for a journey through time.

The Q&A was very touching and it made the guest shed some tears.

You can order your copy of the book here:



Lou Steiger, Scholarship holder 2019/2020
Our scholarship taker Lou Steiger and nine of her colleagues, all students at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, thrilled the guests from the Camping Delta in Locarno with their show “Die Hand (The Hand)”.

The performance took place as part of the book launching party for the biography of our foundation’s president Daniela Ambrosoli. The 40-minute show enchanted the audience and highlighted the fabulous ambience of the Camping Delta. The performance of this well coordinated group got the attendants into the right mood for the following reading of the biography “Tochter aus besserem Hause (Daughter from a good house)”. Lou Steiger is a very talented and extremely professional dancer and actor. Congratulations to all the artists for this successful appearance.

Lou Steiger will do the presentation of her final assignment for her diploma (Bachelor of Arts in Theatre) on 29th of November 2020 at Accademia Teatro Dimitri. We wish her all the best, lots of success and toi, toi, toi for this big day.

Ilana Werner, Scholarship holder 1997/1999

Ilana Werner, our ex scholarship taker, has been studying for her master degree (Master of Arts in Teaching and Coaching Dance Professionals) at ZHdK since August 2019.

Starting from the season 2020/2021, Ilana will work as a ballet master at the Luzerner Theater where she can share and pass on her own professional experiences and her know-how that she gained as a worldwide acclaimed soloist.

The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation is very proud of Ilana and we wish her all the best and lots of success as well as toi, toi, toi for her new start at Luzerner Theater.

Ilana Werner was born in Zurich in 1983 and studied at the Swiss ballet professional school in Zurich. She completed the most part of her studies at the Academie de Dance Classique in Monte-Carlo and at the Heinz-Bosl Foundation in Munich. Ilana was able to study due to contributions of the Migros Kulturbund and the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.
She was the first soloist at the Bavarian Staatsballett for 12 years, followed by 2 years at the Ballet du Capitole in Toulouse and the Hungarian National Ballet in Budapest. Ilana performed a lot of parts of the classical and contemporary repertoire staged by well-known choreographs: i.a. John Neumeier, Jiri Kylian, John Cranko, Marius Petipa, Mats Ek, William Forsythe, George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Kenneth MacMillan, Frederic Ashton and Mary Wigman. Several pieces were also created for her specifically and she participated in a lot of international tours and projects. 
She works mainly as a guest teacher since 2017 and organises summer workshops and events. Most recently she staged “Living Sculptures” at Kunsthaus Zurich. She is also a certified translator (German-English) and worked for the Swiss company “Custom Tours” as an event manager. She studied at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) her master in “teaching and coaching dance professionals” since 2019. 
She has been hired as ballet master for the ballet company “Tanz Luzerner Theater” at the Luzerner Theater as from the season 2020/2021.
Bérénice Durozey , Scholarship holder 2019/2021

Our scholarship taker Bérénice Durozey graduated and completed her studies with a “Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance” at ZHdK in July 2020 after spending her last training year as a dance eleve at Theater St.Gallen.

Bérénice Durozay will stay and dance for another year in St. Gallen as a dance eleve thanks to the collaboration between the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation and Kinsun Chan, the director of the ballet company Theater St. Gallen and head of the dance company as well as the theater dance school.

Gala 31 Years Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation 2.7.2021
The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation will be celebrating his 31th anniversary on July 2nd 2021.
To honor this major milestone, the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation will hold a glamourous gala evening at the theater Rigiblick in Zürich. Alongside illustrious guests, the audience can expect a selected number of unforgettable performances by internationally renowned dancers, choreographers and musicians. Most of these famous performing artists are or were scholarship holders of the foundation and dance and play now all around the globe on the boards that mean the world.
Jonas Aumiller
Our very talented scholarship taker and pianist Jonas Aumiller was admited to the final phase of this year’s “Virtu(al)oso” competition in Cleveland (Ohio, USA) from over 150 competitors. On 3rd of August 2020 he showed his musicianship performing the following works: Bach/Busoni – Prelude and fugue in D major, Skrjabin – Etude in C sharp minor op. 42 Nr. 5, Rachmaninoff – Etude-tableau in C minor op. 39 Nr. 1. His performance can be rewatched via the following link: (start approx. 01:21:40)
©Gerrit Glaner
Gala 30 Years Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation 3.7.2020


Gonca Gümüsayak 
We are very proud of our ex-scholaship holder Gonca Gümüsayak. She managed to fill these dark corona times with so much creativity and positive things. Along with creating her own YouTube channel, she also started a successful website ( online dancing classes and online yoga classes.
Furthermore is she on her way to become an academic at the Dogus University in Istanbul. Therefor she initiated her doctoral studies to become a fully commissioned faculty member in the near future.
The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation wishes Ms Gümüsayak all the best and good luck!
©Harun Ozkara 
©Harun Ozkara 
                                   The Making of a Dream
                                     Daniela Ambrosoli
Autobiography (here you can buy the book)
Lorenzo Galdemann* 1998, IT-2017-2018

(In the season 2018/19 Lorenzo Galdeman becomes a member of the ballet company of the Opera Graz (AT). In the season 2019/20 he will be performing in the following productions: «Cinderella», «Zum Sterben zu schön», «Schwanengesang», «Happy (No) End», «Guys and Dolls» und «Die Fledermaus».)


Opera Graz season 2020

Lorenzo dances in «Zum Sterben zu schön» (Too beautiful to die), a ballet by Jo Strømgren

An uplifting evening and maybe – just maybe – the saddest piece of the season. A piece about death in the romantic age. Dying and death meant something else in those days, even if they had the same final impact. An evening of beautiful sounds and even more beautiful music, although the music will mostly be played in minor keys. An evening, which bows before the genius of the great music masters with lots of versatile dance elements: their life, their genius, their death and their ongoing vigour through their art. These are all remarkable aspects of «Zum Sterben zu schön» (Too beautiful to die).




News 2019
Ilva Vera Eigus * 2007, CH/LV – 2019–2020

Ilva sees the light of day in 2007 in Zürich (CH). She starts taking violin classes at age 4 and soon gets accepted at the Zakhar Bron School of Music in Zürich. Due to her extraordinary talent she starts living the life of a child prodigy: countless international performances, television broadcasts in Switzerland and abroad, concerts as a soloist and with an orchestra in Western and Eastern Europe, competitions and master classes. Today at only age 12, Ilva has performed more often and gained more experiences as many professional musician!

In 2019 she gets accepted at the art and sports secondary school Rämibühl in Zürich.

Ilva Vera Eigus was granted a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for the school year (2019/2020) of her studies as a violinist at the Zakhar Bron School of Music in Zürich in the class of Mrs Liana Tretiakova.

Ilva Vera Eigus has been invited to perform at the Gala of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation on July 3rd 2020 at Theater Rigiblick in Zurich.





Luca Abdel-Nour * 2003, FR/EG – 2019–2020

Luca was born 2003 in Cairo (EG). He loves to dance from a very young age and he also watches frequently some dance shows and dance competitions on TV with his parents. In the Egyptian culture a boy is supposed to play football or handball, but not to dance. This situation let become Luca an outsider very quickly. But this doesn’t mean he won’t chase his goal. At the advanced age of 13 he discovers his love for ballet. After an extensive search he finds the right place in Cairo at the studio of Anja Ahcin and Ahmed Yehia (both Principal dancers at the Cairo Opera).

A video of the «Prix de Lausanne», with 2 magnificent students from the Tanz Akademie Zürich, quickens and incites him. He starts dreaming of studying at taZ. Luca follows his heart and comes to Switzerland in 2018 after some first experiences at the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest.

Luca Abdel-Nour was granted a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for the 2nd school year (2019/2020) of his advanced studies as a ballet dancer at Tanz Akademie Zürich.



Filmproduction documentary about Francesco Conz, IPNOSE STUDIO Milan

Daniele Garioni and Roberto Delvoi from the film production company IPNOSE STUDIO from Milan (I), is currently producing a movie about Francesco Conz, which was a very good and a longtime friend of Hermann Nitsch. The director of the movie is Roberto Delvoi.

Francesco Conz who passed away in 2010 in Verona (IT) was a world-famous collector and publisher. His collection and his photo archive include over 500 editions and documentations about artists of the Viennese Actionism, the Fluxus movement as well as the concrete-visual poetry and sound poetry.

Mrs Daniela Ambrosoli, president of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, was so kind to provide her very varied footage free of charge to the Italian producer Daniele Garioni. The footage was filmed 2009 in Verona during the shooting of Daniela Ambrosoli’s documentary «HN Hermann Nitsch». A biography about the famous founder of the Viennese Actionism. Mrs Ambrosoli had the pleasure to interview Francesco Conz several times in Verona.

The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation is looking forward to the final result of this new film production about this incomparable personality both of the international art world and the international cultural world.






 Daniele Garioni and Roberto Delvoi



Malù Cortesi – Travel diary: A bit of Iran

Malù Cortesi, the swiss-born artist from Locarno (TI), is well known for his art and his job as a teacher. But what people mostly don’t know: Malù Cortesi loves to travel and he is an enthusiastic cyclist. In the summer of 2019 he covered a distance of over 2’500 kilometers through Iran riding on his bicycle seat. He recorded this journey full of stresses and strains, through one of the once most progressive countries in the world, in a very touching and compelling travel diary using his own texts and photographs.



 The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation will make the release of this fascinating travel diary possible. The publishing company of the book will be Salvioni Edizioni. The foreword and two photographs were contributed by the world-renowned photographer Reza Khatir, an Iranian himself. Book design: Cynthia Garcia. 



Gala, 30 years Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation – First confirmed artists


The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation will be celebrating his 30th anniversary on July 3rd 2020.

To honor this major milestone, the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation will hold a glamourous gala evening at the theater Rigiblick in Zürich. Alongside illustrious guests, the audience can expect a selected number of unforgettable performances by internationally renowned dancers, choreographers and musicians. Most of these famous performing artists are or were scholarship holders of the foundation and dance and play now all around the globe on the boards that mean the world.

We are happy to announce the participation of two internationally outstanding Italian artists: Mara Galeazzi and Matteo Levaggi.

Mara Galeazzi, former Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet in London and currently one of the most extraordinary dancers of contemporary performances.

Matteo Levaggi makes this unique encounter with Mara Galeazzi and her partner even possible. Thanks to him they will dance and perform together. Mr Levaggi is an internationally acclaimed choreographer who stages spectacular and unforgettable performances worldwide. All three together will perform at our gala an extract from «Fallen Body», the latest creation of Matteo Levaggi in cooperation with the Italian writer Nadia Busato.

Duo Zappa.Mainolfi * , CH/IT - 2018–2019 
The Swiss cellist Mattia Zappa and the Italian pianist Massimiliano Mainolfi met 1994 at the «Juilliard School» in New York City (USA). Mattia Zappa, from the canton Ticino in Switzerland, received 1994 a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for his studies in the USA. The foundation also supported all over the past years various projects of Mattia Zappa and the duo Zappa Mainolfi witch they founded already in New York. For example the Soweto project, which enables children from the slums of South African to complete their music studies. Their joint chamber music outcome is crowned with success: in March 2001 the duo makes his debut at Carnegie Hall (NYC/USA) and in 2003 at the Kammermusiksaal of the Berlin Philharmonic (Berlin/GER). This was followed by numerous concerts in South Africa, in the USA and in major European capitals. Thanks to their extraordinary talent and their attentive choice of repertoire they are also very welcome at radio and television shows. Together as a duo they recorded 5 CD’s which all were highly praised by the international press.

For the season 2018/2019 the duo received a financial contribution from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation regarding the duo’s South African tour in the context of the Soweto project. The Soweto project was under the patronage of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation. 


Louise Noemi Steiger * 1992, CH – 2019-2020
Lou, how she fondly calls herself, was born in 1992 in Bern (CH) and dances for as long as she can remember. She started with ballet lessons at age five and soon afterwards she starts with hip-hop dance too. Her driving force is her love for dancing and that’s why she also has a go at some other dance styles. After completing grammar school in 2012 she participates in a five month intensive dance programme at «Steps On Broadway» in New York (USA). Even so she prefers to study psychology and German philology in Switzerland, for the moment. The 5-times Swiss champion in jazz dance formation works alongside her studies at the university also as a teacher and as a dancer for the «Xpression Dance Company» in Bern. Soon she becomes aware of the fact that she rather spends her time at the dance studio and on stage instead of spending her time at the university. During her stay in Berlin (ERASMUS programme) she gains her first experiences with dance improvisation and acrobatics. The time in Berlin makes her incredibly happy and bears fruits: she becomes interested in a lot of new dance styles and dance forms, she gets to know her body a lot better and gets inspired by various performers. At that point it becomes impossible for her to return to her old life. She decides for herself to do a formation in which the body serves as the starting point for every artistic product/outcome. 
She starts her studies (Bachelor of Arts in Physical Theatre) in 2017 at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio (CH). Louise Noemi Steiger was granted a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for the school year 2019/2020 for her studies at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri.
Bérénice Durozey * 1999, FR – 2019-2020
Bérénice was born in 1999 in Suresnes close to Paris (FRA). After seeing the ballet «Schwanensee» on TV she tells her mother instantly: «I would like to dance in a tutu!». And that is the beginning of her journey to the boards that mean the world. Bérénice is a very energetic and extroverted child that hardly can sit still. She starts with ballet lessons at age five and soon afterwards she gets introduced to «modern dance», «modern jazz dance» and «contemporary dance». Bérénice decides to become a professional dancer at the age of 14 and starts her education in Cannes (FRA) at the «Ecole de Danse Rosella Hightower». Her formation takes place in classical ballet as well as in contemporary dance. Due to this dual training programme she can strengthen her personality and her ambitions for her future. 
In 2017 she starts her studies at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in Zurich (CH). This studies (Bachelor of Contemporary Dance) and her new life in Zurich make her happy and urge Bérénice to follow her dreams even more. Her passion for dancing quickens thanks to the multifaceted formation at the ZHdK. 

Bérénice Durozey was granted a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for the 3rd and last school year (2019/2020) of her studies at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and for her formation as a apprentice dancer at the Theater St. Gallen.






Gonka Gümüsayak
Performance at Camping Delta Locarno
Our scholarship taker Gonca Gümüsayak (2018/2019) pleased the Camping Delta in Locarno with her show «Gonca’s Performance Planet» on July 18th 2019. The show combines different dance elements with a lot of clownery. This multifaceted performance thrilled the young as well as the young-at-heart and encouraged a lot of kids to participate. Mrs Gümüsayak was accompanied by the very talented accordionist Francesco Saporito and his music. After a lot of playing, dancing and fun, the children's eyes were shining with joy and the grown-ups were answering with a smile.
Roki Tanaka
For his third academic year (season 2019/2020) he was offered two internships and in May 2019 Mr. Tanaka got invited from Naomi Perlov (No. 1 dance teacher from Israel) to a solo dance contest in Tel Aviv. For his last academic year regarding the «Bachelor of Contemporary Dance» (2019/2020) he was granted an internship at the theatre Bremerhaven. At Bremerhaven he will have the opportunity and the chance to gather work experience in the professional world of dance und to complete his skills. Roki Lionel Tanaka is becoming a promising dancer. 
Photos© CarolineMinjolle
Jonas Aumiller
Jonas Aumiller, pianist and scholarship recipient of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, replaces the pianist David Irimescu (due to illness) at this year’s international festival «Pianofortissimo» and this will be his debut in Bologna. The exceptionally talented Jonas Aumiller will thrill the audience with an elegant and expressive performance of oeuvres by Bach/Busoni, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin and Busoni.


The new documentary "John&John" by Daniela Ambrosoli 
Some days ago the director Daniela Ambrosoli and her film crew came back from Boston (MA/USA). They brought back some new shots (various interviews and dances scenes) for the new documentary  called «John&John». This documentary will allow the audience to take a look behind the scenes of the daily life of alternative family models and kids brought up by same-sex parents. The film is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020. 
Koyo Yamamoto 
Our scholarship taker Koyo Yamamoto was granted a fellowship by the «Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artist» from the agency for cultural affairs of the government of Japan. This program provides an opportunity for Koyo to continue to study at the Tanz Akademie Zürich (ZHdK) and to carry on with his formation and specialization as a Classical Ballet Dancer.
Congratulations Koyo!
© taZ                                           © taZ
Gonka Gümüsayak
Gonca Gümüsayak performs her self-conceived and choreographed dancing-clown play «Dancing Letters» at the solo dance festival «CerModern 2018» in Ankara. This solo is a contemporary dance performance looking for ways of communication, just like language inviting herself into the sphere of communication which examines the convention between space and time trough letters, the letters change into shapes, sounds and words in space, focusing on the relationship of text and movement. In the process William Forsythe's repertory and movement technique is researched and performed. In November 2018 she works on the first part of her dance-film project «The dance of a tree in four seasons» in Ascona (TI). The theme is about reversing time in movement. By the end of the year she learns new skills for «movement in comedy forms» in December 2018 at a clown workshop with Mick Barnfather.
 ©Gonca Gümüsayak 
 ©Gonca Gümüsayak
 ©Gonca Gümüsayak 
Jonas Aumiller
In May Jonas appears on the stage of the famous Julliard School NY. He performs Beethoven's 

Piano Trio D-Dur op. 70 Nr. 1 ("Geistertrio" / "Ghost")

On May 2019 as well, Jonas succeds the graduation to obtain a BA for his Piano studies at the Julliard School NY, with Maestro Sergej Babayan. He was awarded with the best mark A.





©Jonas Aumiller
 ©Robert Aumiller
The documentary «The Making of a Dream» by Daniela Ambrosoli thrills the audience in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland
The Swiss-Italian premiere of the documentary «The Making of a Dream» took place on May 23rd 2019 at the Cinema Rialto in Locarno (Ticino). An enthusiastic audience had the pleasure to attend the moving premiere of the acclaimed documentary by Daniela Ambrosoli. Screenings at the Cinema Rialto will continue on a daily basis (screening time see cinema's website) until June 12th 2019.

©Winny Ben Romdhane



Tessiner Zeitung 31.05.2019


Young talent award 2019 by the Hamburger Opernstiftung

Matias Oberlin is a soloist at the Hamburg Ballet since the season 2018/2019. He was born 1996 in Argentina, where he grew up in the small town of San Jerónimo Norte. Little town without a theatre or ballet school. At the advanced age of 12 he started his dance formation at the ballet school of Santa Fe. Three years later, on recommendation and with the support of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, he moved to Hamburg where he graduate at the Hamburg Ballet School in 2014. After only one season as an aspirant he became a valued member of the ballet company in 2015.

Matias Oberlin was chosen by John Neumeier in March 2019 to compete for the Erik Bruhn Prize as a promising young dancer.

©Kiran West 
Gonka Gümüsayak
"Woman Running with the River" is about a new creation myth of humankind. The performance begins with an encounter of a woman and a man, starting from a learned patriarchal relationship.
An unequal balance of power relation splits the woman's integrity as a subject that makes her question and look for a change. She goes through a journey by the river, where she discovers the equal "origin of the life" trough "the myth of the river", wich empowers her integrity and the relations.
Soweto Project by Duo Zappa Mainolfi
Mattia Zappa (Cellist) & Massimiliano Mainolfi (Pianist)
The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation supported several of their projects.
The duo has also toured South Africa on several occasions, during which they have not only entertained audiences but also demonstrated their passion for music development. Their first passion project was mentoring and assisting the budding young musicians at Soweto’s Melodi Music School. Since 2011, Zappa and Mainolfi have been patrons of the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, teaching, holding workshops, fundraising and performing with this important incubator of orchestral talent.
Antonella Martinelli und  Matias Oberlin

Both from Santa Fe (AR) Antonella Martinelli and Matias Oberlin could complete successfully their studies as stage dancer thanks a Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation’s scholarship.                                                                                        Antonella studied at The National Ballet School in Toronto (CA), Mathias at the Ballettzentrum John Neumeier in Hamburg (DE).

Antonella is dancing with the Corp de Ballet of The National Ballet of Canada. Matias is soloist at the Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier.

Antonella and Matias meet each other at the invitation of the Consulate of Argentina in Toronto during Matias performance for the Eric Bruhn Prize 2019.

Matias Oberlin is representing the Hamburgballet at the 13th International Competition for the Erik Bruhn Prize in Toronto.

Jonas Aumiller
Jonas passed the access exam to the Cleveland Institute of Music wich allows him to attend the Master class. Also in Cleveland Jonas will study with Maestro Sergei Babayan. 
Jonas also won the First Prize "Motet Award" for the best Motet.
Task was to compose a three voices counterpoint Renaissance-Motett over "Ave Maris Stella".                                       
Jonas Aumiller 
Recital at the Juilliard School on March 30.:
Jonas plays pieces of Bach/Busoni, Chopin, Busoni and Beethoven, as first training for Busoni-Contest.
João Menegussi

João Menegussi was born and raised in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, where he began his dance studies at the Monica Tenore Ballet School at the age of five. At the 2012 Youth America Grand Prix, he received a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation to begin his professional studies at Tanz Akademie Zurich under the direction of Oliver Matz and Steff Scherzer. Menegussi won first place at the 2012 Joinville Dance Festival, the silver medal in the 2015 Tanzolymp and was a finalist at the 2016 Prix de Lausanne. In 2015, he performed with Ballet Zurich in Giselle,reconstructed by Patrice Bart, and took part in the Tanz Prize Gala.

Menegussi joined the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company in September 2016, became an apprentice with the main Company in December 2017 and joined the corps de ballet in June 2018.

Mr. Menegussi’s performances with American Ballet Theatre are sponsored by The John Palatinus Trust and Oceanic Heritage Foundation.

©Alexander Sargent
Cello & Piano Duo Zappa-Mainolfi
From February  21 to March 3, the duo of Mattia and Massimiliano will hold the 8th edition of their South Africa Tour. 
At the same time they will expand the Soweto-Project supporting  music-teaching to young talented children, with several pro bono Masterclasses for Cello, Piano and Chamber music.
The Tour is a HannieHefer Promotions production.
 Tanaka Roki - Scholarship 2017-2019

Got a one year internship in St Gallen for the whole season starting after this summer.

The new director of the Dance Company of the theatre of St. Gallen, has offered Tanaka this opportunity.
It’s wonderful, an intern during the 3rd year is part of the curriculum BA Contemporary Dance. The intern could be in a production of the free scene or theatre or a whole season with a company. The intern offers the students to work in a professional field outside the university to gain the necessary experiences and is the first step into the professional world. The changes to get a job raise if the student’s CV shows that the dancer has working experiences in the professional world. Every year some students intern are prolongated by a properly paid working contracts.
Kinsun Chan, the new director of the Dance Company of the Theatre of St. Gallen, has offered Tanaka this opportunity. 


Michele Ciacci - 2013-2016 - Hungarian National Ballet

Michele graduated at the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin in 2016 . After two years dancing in german company's, since September 2018 he is a member of the Hungarian National Ballet.




Lorenzo Galdeman - Scholarship 2016-2017 - Opera Graz

I am a ballet dancer at the Opera of Graz.

This is my first season at the Opera and also my first job as a dancer, graduating as a student from the Tanz Akademie Zürich in 2018. I am very excited to be here and also to be part of this wonderful company. We are 18 dancers (9 boys and 9 girls) with an age range from 20 to 35. I am the youngest in the company and being surrounded with such a variety of people and dancers, with different backgrounds and experiences, is the best gift I could ask for. Our director is Beate Vollack.

We danced “Polnische Hochzeit” and “König Roger”, where dancers, orchestra, choir and soloists are working all together on Stage. Our season will be concluded with “Jahreszeiten”. During the year we had the chance to partcipate to different events such as Bühnenshow, Opern Redoute, Open Classes and choreographic projects with the Kunsthaus of Graz.

I’m very happy here in Graz: the company and its environment are wonderful, the city is full of art and modernity and the Theatre, well organized and efficient, became my second home. Everyday for me is a new adventure to live and discover fully, learning always a new lesson and allowing me to grow and experience in every field.


     ©Jack Bernal                         ©Andreas Ziller               ©Andreas Ziller                     ©Andreas Ziller


    ©Andreas Ziller                ©Andreas Ziller



Antonella Martinelli - Scholarship 2003-2007 - The National Ballet of Canada

Got married in  Mexico on January 9. 



Jonas Aumiller - Scholarship 2018-2019 (Piano)

On Januar 15, 2019 Jonas starts the 2. semester at the Julliard School in NY. His teacher is the famous Armenian pianist Sergei Babayan who did nominate him for the Vendome Prize

Jonas is also preparing for the Ferruccio Busoni contest in Bolzano on August 2019.
Jonas at Carnegie Hall NY


Matias Oberlin - Scholarship 2011-2013 - Soloist Hamburg Ballet

Matias Oberlin, soloist Hamburg Ballet, had his premiere as Günther in John Neumeier's Nutcracker on January 6 . John Neumeier's version avoids direct reference to Christmas. The central character Marie celebrates her twelfth birthday and is drawn by the mysterious ballet master Drosselmeier into the fascinating world of dance.



News 2018

Fusspuren TaZ 

On December 16, 2018 the performance “Fussspuren”, danced by the students of the advanced studies in classical dance of the TaZ (Tanz Akademie Zürich), took place at the Theather der Künste (ZHdK). Our scholarship holder Koyo Yamamoto could show to the enthusiastic and copious public his skill as a wonderful classical and modern dancer as all the students did.

Photos© Andreas Zihler




Ilija Surla - Scholarship 2006-2007

Illja is performing in the Netherlands De Sprookjeskoningin (The fairy Queen) a coproduction with Jong Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Duda Paiva Company

De Sprookjeskoningin is the festive mix of the touchingly beautiful music of Henry Purcell – now performed by seven musicians of Jong Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and the absurdly comical and sometimes sinister universe of the puppets of Duda Paiva Company. Together they give a contemporary twist to the fairy tale of Titania and Oberon from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and their desire for true love. 




Invitation in Hikou (CN) to the 70. Anniversary of ITI to ex- students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri.

On September 24. 2018 Tianyu Gu, Kevin Blaser and Faustino Blanchut, scholarship 2014-2015, did present the new version of Faustino's graduation diploma performance.


©2018 by International Theatre Institute


Tanaka Lionel Roki - Scholarship 2017-2019

On November 16. and 17. a performance by the students of the Bachelor of Contemporary Dance ZKdH took place at the Theather der Künste in the Gessnerallee Zürich.

Our scholarship holder Tanaka Lionel Roki has shown oneself as brilliant performer. Initially in the Estefania Miranda’s rapidly rising choreography PERSONA, then in WITH LOVE OF Zurich of Isabelle Chaffaud and Jérome Meyer, and finally in AKRONOS by Karin Hermes.


©Bachelor of Contemporary Dance ZKdH 


Heinz Bosl Foundation Prize

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Heinz Bosl Foundation in Munich, on 11 November 2018, the Heinz Bosl Prize was awarded to three promising young male dancers. 

17-year-old taZ student Koyo Yamamoto from Japan, scholarship taker 2018-2019 of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, had the honor of personally accepting the prize at the National Theatre in Munich after dancing the prince’s classical variation from Act Two of The Nutcracker.  



 ©taZ Tanz Akademie Zürich


"John & John" the new documentary by Daniela Ambrosoli

During the last week of September 2018, the first shooting of the new documentary by Daniela Ambrosoli "John & John" takes place in Boston (MA /USA). This film by director Daniela Ambrosoli, deals with the topic of homosexual couples, who besides of being married to each other, have children as well. A topic that is still considered taboo, especially in Europe.

The film portrays primarily the life of a couple. "John", professional dancer, Principal Soloist at the Boston Ballet, and his partner "John", who works as a successful lawyer at his renowned law firm in Boston. In addition to a busy professional life, the couple raises two children Giovanni (5) and Santino (3).

The shooting is extremely intense and besides the protagonists, many other people are interviewed worldwide, including a multiple egg donor with IVF / ICS, and a multiple surrogate mother.

“We were in Boston until yesterday shooting the first scenes for my new movie “John & John", it was a very intense and a great week !!!
The core of my film is already set. »

Daniela Ambrosoli


Lorenzo Galdeman - Scholarship 2016-2018

Lorenzo is part of the presentation of the opera in Graz, Austria «Hereinspaziert! Bühnenshow zum Saisonauftakt 2018/19».

The 2018-2019 season is taken over by Beate Vollack, as the new Director of the Graz Opera Ballet. Another novelty is the series "Selbst getanzt", in which viewers rehearse a short scene from the production "Die Jahreszeiten" and dance it on stage before the performance. Also, already in early September, the Graz Opera invites the audience to an artistic presentation. The highlights of the upcoming season are presented: Soloists, the ballet, the choir and the Graz Philharmonic are getting ready for the new season.

The new ballet program of the Graz Opera is colorful and offers a wonderful opera house entertainment for all ages.

©Lorenzo Galdeman


Jonas Aumiller - Scholarship 2018-2019 (Piano)

Is one of the 27 finalists of the Busoni International Piano Competition 2018.

The International Piano Competition took place for the first time on September 12, 1949 and was initiated by Ferruccio Busoni. Over time, the competition has become one of the most influential events on the international music scene and attracts many international music greats and talented musicians each time.

In the sixties, the European piano world of the American school opened. In the seventies, especially the first prize of the Brazilian Arnaldo Cohen (1972) stands out. The Russian school dominated the nineties. In 2002, the competition changed its structure and was held from now on biennial.

Today the Busoni Competition is much more than just a music competition. Building on its history, it wants to be a meeting place between famous pianists and young talents, along with the festival and its many supporting projects, and to have a kind of seismographic function in the current piano world.

Jonas Aumiller, holder of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation scholarship this year, is one of the finalists, we wish him every success!

©Bodo Gsedl 


Iago Dominguez - Scholarship 2017-2018 (Cello)

Iago was born in 1995 in Santiago de Compostela, he performs at various festivals, among others, twice at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival and in 2016 at the Cello Biennale Amsterdam Festival.

As a scholarship holder of various foundations, such as the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation’s Scholarship, he is presently participating in various concerts and presentations, including the 'Young Eurasian Soloists Orchestra', the ' Liechtenstein Music Academy ', the Lucerne Chamber Night at “Swiss Classics GmbH” and the Musical Theatre Basel.

In 2017/2018 he studies at the `School of Excellence' at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel with Ivan Monighetti, his cello professor with a Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation scholarship.



Mattia Zappa - Scholarship 1994-1995 (Cello)

In 2018, cellist Mattia Zappa is nominated "Artistic Manager" of the Solisti della Svizzera Italiana, a famous cultural organization promoting classical music in Ticino, founded a few years ago by Maestro Bruno Amaducci. In this context, on 7 October 2018 in Comano (Lugano / Ticino) a new series of chamber music concerts entitled "NOTE d’AUTUNNO" will be presented. Mattia Zappa is the Artistic Director.

Mattia was invited this year in Sassari, Sardinia, to hold a cello masterclass with the "Martha Argerich and Friends Accademy".

Zappa will be attending other events such as tours in China, South Korea and Taipei with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich and in South Africa (SOWETO Project) with the duo Zappa-Mainolfi. In addition, Mattia has held various concerts in Italy, France and Germany for renowned music institutions and also in duet with the talented guitarist Admir Doçi.

©Walter Huber-Niederhasli


Zaola Fabbrini - Scholarship 2006-2009

Is appointed first soloist at the Ballet Opera Nice.

The Nice Opera Ballet has an international reputation and has also hosted prestigious concerts, soloist and singer. Also famous divas, such as Nelly Melba, Felia Litvin, Emma Calve, Mado Robin, Crespin Regine, Barbara Hendricks and Montserrat Caballé, were successful here and have given their name to the foyer of the Opera House of Nice. Legendary singers played their vocals: José Luccioni, Cezare Vezzani, Georges Thill, Mario del Monaco, Carlo Bergonzi, Luciano Pavarotti, Franco Corelli, Ruggiero Raimondi, Placido Domingo and Jonas Kaufmann.

At the request of Éric Vu-An, great names of the dance are invited to choreograph for the original works of the Company, which make it a place of discovery and creation. The Nice Mediterranean Ballet is recently nominated for the Benois de la Danse 2015, for Campanella (G.Mancini, 2010) - Oceana (Lucinda Childs, 2011) - Verse Us (Rhoden, 2014).

The company is famous for the quality of its dancers, they possess a high classical education and are distinguished in the interpretation of great repertoires. The most demanding ballet fans have the opportunity to enjoy their performing of works such as, Don Quichotte (E.Vu-An), Coppelia (E.Vu-An), Les Sylphides (M.Fephine). If classical dance is an integral part of Ballet Nice Méditerranée's identity, the company also foresees a more modern form of dance, but never breaking with the classic.

The stage of the Opéra de Nice grows thanks to further tours: Italy - Spain - China - Hong Kong (French May Festival) - Cuba - Russia etc. Now Zaola Fabrini is one of the soloists of the prestigious ballet corps.

©Dominique Jaussein


Jonas Aumiller - Scholarship 2018-2019 (Piano)

Jonas Aumiller, born in Munich in 1998 starts playing the piano at the age of seven. He is initially taught by Cornelia Nonn-Jordache, in May 2013 he starts his tuition with Prof. Massimiliano Mainolfi (former scholarship holder of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation).

Since 2008, he has won several First Prizes at the "Jugend musiziert" competition in various categories at regional, state and national level, Jonas has won several 1st Prizes together with his six-hand trio "tre farfalle rosse" he won the 1st prize with special distinction at the 8th International Piano Competition.

In May 2013, he visits the Federal President Joachim Gauck at Schloss Bellevue. With his Piano Quartet he wins the WDR Klassik Prize of the city of Münster in June 2013 and the following September, as the Piano-Cello-Duo the special prize of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs.

In 2014 Jonas wins the 1st Prize of the Schumann Junior Competition in Zwickau and the 1st Prize of the 'Bundeswettbewerb Jugend'. Jonas is a scholarship holder of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.

The city of Ettlingen organizes the International Competition for Young Pianists for the 16th time from 4 to 12 August 2018. The competition is open to young pianists of all nations and stateless persons. Jonas Aumiller wins the 2nd prize in category B (participants, born after 3 August 1997).

In an Interview, Jonas Aumiller talks about the importance of his 2nd place in category B (up to 20 years), his past and future, as well as the status of the International Piano Competition Ettlingen.

From September 2018 he will study at the world known Juiliard School in New York with Sergei Babayan.

©Marvin Ruzza


Natalia Karam - Scholarship 2017-2018

"quelle – I’m Blue” Performance Natalia Karam, Camping Delta Locarno

On July 29, 2018 at Camping Delta Locarno takes place the performance "quelle – I’m Blue” presented by Natalia Karam scholarship holder of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, together with Giorgia Marzetti, Marzella Regge and Lia Schädler, also students of the Academia Dimitri Verscio (TI).

The spectacle is a great success among the big and small spectators, who enjoy a fun and educational show at the same time.

Natalia was born in Porto Alegre in Brazil and dances since her childhood. She starts her education at the Casa de Teatro de Porto Alegre, a few years later in 2016, she participates in an audition for the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, where she is immediately placed at second year level. In this academy, she continues developing the technique of acrobatics and dance by increasing her awareness of body movements.

©Aliocha Merker


Matias Oberlin - Scholarship 2011-2013

The Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier is known far beyond the borders of the Hanseatic city. Worldwide guest performances make it an integral part of the international ballet scene and a cultural ambassador of Germany.

The new season 2018/2019 brings promotions for some dancers of the company: Matias Oberlin the Argentine dancer is now dancing as a soloist.

Matias is a dancer of the Hamburg Ballet since 2014, his repertoire includes the role of Brother Lorenzo in "Romeo and Juliet" and Gaston Rieux in "Die Kameliendame". He dances also in some projects and creations, such us: Beethoven Project and Pain Pushed Me Forward (Braulio Alvarez).

Matias receives the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation Scholarship 2011-2013.

“I got promoted to soloist in Hamburg ballet this last Sunday” Matias August 2018

“I am very happy to share this pictures with you! I couldn’t have done either be where I am without your support! Therefore I thank you again! I will keep you informed and hopefully we see each other soon!” Matias

©Pascal Schmidt


Lucia Solari - Scholarship 2000-2002

Will be part of Ballet Revier in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, from August 23rd.

14 dancers form the ballet at the Music Theater in the district of Gelsenkirchen under the direction of the ballet director Bridget Breiner.

The native American takes over the artistic direction of the dance company in Gelsenkirchen in 2012/13. The centre and heart of this work are the ballet dancers in the area,who make this story possible. They come from a variety of nations, some of them have already danced as first soloists, others have just finished their first year in a company.

Lucia Solari dances since September 2017 at the Kiel Ballet. She is a sought-after soloist artist for gala and guest performances, including at the Charity Ballet Gala 2017 at the Music Theatre in the area and 2016 at the 25th Festival de Ballet de La Habana, Cuba, where she has the chance to meet Alicia Alonso in person.

As a guest, she dances with the ballet in Uwe Scholz's Pas de deux "Jeunhomme Piano Concerto" in 2017/18 in "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue". With the beginning of the season 2018/19.

Lucia Solari returns to the ballet in the area as a permanent member of the ensemble.

©Nikolay Krusser



 ©Lisa Stonehouse


©Lucia Solari with Alicia Alonso


Salvatore Mulone - Scholarship 2013-2014 and 2017-2018

Belongs since September 2017 to the Moscow State Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theater. Salvatore takes part in almost every ballet and theatre piece of the theatre ballet's repertoire. Salvatore has been contracted again with the Moscow State Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theater for the 2018/2019 season.


Since the mid-2000’s the Ballet Company is headed by Artistic Directors. In 2017, Laurent Hilaire is appointed Artistic Director of the Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet Company. 

The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre performs in its historical building in the very centre of Moscow.

The repertory of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre includes productions by Olivier Py (Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande) and Christopher Alden (Britten’s Midsummer Night's Dream), as well as productions by Peter Stein (Verd’s Aida) and Rimas Tuminas (Stravinsky’s Oedipus Rex and Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle).

The Moscow Music Theater Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko plays in his historic building in the center of Moscow.


©Diego Mulone


Faustino Blanchut - Scholarship 2014-2015

An artist with a Swiss, French and Argentinian origin, who has been trained in France.

In 2012 he starts working with the 'Accademia Teatro Dimitri di Verscio'. Currently, he is part of the Compagnia Tiziana Arnaboldi, with whom he also wins the competition "Fringe fit - L'AltroFestival" with the show "Linea" in October 2014. He receives a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, which supports him during the school years. 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Faustino is part of the "Motivo Di Una Danza" spectacle of the 'LAC Lugano Theatre', which premieres on Mai 17th 2018.

The show is divided into two parts, which invite the audience to inhabit and reflect, on an open space and open time.

"I'm currently studying Moving Theatre at the Dimitri School in Verscio, and my meeting with Tiziana means a lot to me, because it allows me to integrate and use all of these forms of movement on stage, dramatizing the technique to make it artistic Strength to lean and awaken the creativity and the suggestiveness of its performers to create something dense. "

Faustino Blanchut finishes his studies at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Physical Theater in 2015, for which he wins a Price-Scholarship of the Course Movement Theater Competition for Migros Culture Percentage (2015), he is awarded with the Prize of the ‘TalenThesis Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana' (SUPSI ), for the best show at the end of the training and is also supported by the Foundation Pierino Ambrosoli (2014-2015).

Since his graduation he is involved in various dance and theater projects. Including the spectacle conducted by the director Volker Hesse, for the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel and the program "Act Zwingli Ein Mysterienspiel" in Zurich or the show "Monte Verità - Sogni di un'altra Vita" with the director Livio Andreina.

He is currently collaborating regularly with Tiziana Arnaboldi (Danza e Mistero: Swiss Heritage Prize for Dance). He also participates in the 'Collective Poetic Punkers' by the Italian choreographer Natalia Vallebona; as a performer and playwright (he writes 'Where the flowers wither': Prize 2017 for the new theater of the Accademia Nico Peppe), Blanchut develops his own projects with the companies Lobos / The things that constitute BOOM (The Lost Sailor: Prize 2018 Contemporary Movement in Micadanses Paris).

Soon he will be part of the new creation "Madre" of the 'Balletto Civile' of the Italian 'Teatro della Tosse' in Genoa (autumn 2018).

He is also engaged in the 70th anniversary celebration of the International Theater Institute ITI, on November 22-27 this year, in Haiku Hainan China.

©J. Arazi


Maya Roest - Scholarship 2007-2009

On June 23, the jury announces the winners of the 1st edition of the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition in a fully occupied theater in Rotterdam. The 'XL Production Award' will be given to Danae Dimitriadi & Dionysios Alamanos (Greece) for their choreography 'Uncia'.

“As today on I started my 10th season in Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. After all those years I’m one of the renowned dancers of Scapino ballet .We will first perform "Ting" created by Ed Wubbe, afterwards we will go on international tour with "Scala" also by Ed Wubbe. Scala was created last year and has had a huge success. The production after will be "Twools18" , which has been premiered in June 2018, were I'm dancing a beautiful trio called " Shin a lam" by Marcos Moreau ( in the press they wrote ‘masterly danced by me and Bonnie Doets’)  and "Its gonna rain" by Maciej Kuzminski.

The last production of the year will be a new creation "All hands on deck" a co-production between Scapino Ballet and the Wereldband.

On Saturday 13 October I will perform on the Gala-evening of the Nederlandse Dansdagen/ Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht. I will perform the trio "shin A Lam" by Marcos Moreau. Also will the winner of RIDCC Danae Dimitriadi & Dionysios Alamanos from Greece perform their winning piece ‘Uncia’ on that gala evening.

Last year me and Mischa van Leeuwen put a lot of effort to create a new event in the Dutch dance world - RIDCC or the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition with the biggest dance prize in the world ; a 100.000 euro.

So we are the founders and organized the first edition of the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition. It was an unforgettable first edition with a lot of positive attention in the press and with a lot of awards.

The competition gave new choreographic talent the opportunity to present itself to a renowned jury. There were several prizes to be won, including financial contributions for development programs; 3.500, 2.500, 1.500 euros, the possibility to make productions at one of the 8 participating partner companies.

The main prize consisted of a production budget of € 100,000 to create a full evening production.

RIDCC is an initiative of Maya Roest and Mischa van Leeuwen, both experienced and renewed dancers at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam: “We want to use our expertise to create opportunities for young makers and give the dance world a new impetus”.


©Hans Gerritsen     


Miriam Prandi - Scholarship 2012-2014 (Cello)

In January 2014, the young cellist wins first the First Prize at the renowned Rahn Music Competition in Zurich, presented by jury chair Sol Gabetta. Miriam Prandi receives numerous other awards, including the First Prize in the Geminiani Competition in Verona and the Muzio Clementi Prize in Rome. To which the Foundation Premio Geminiani Milan lends her an antique cello by David Tecchler (Roma 1700). Miriam is passionate about chamber music and since June 2015 is a member of the renowned Delian Quartet and performs in well-known European concert halls such as the Berliner Konzerthaus, the Rheingau Musik Festival, the Wiener Konzerthaus, the Tonhalle Zurich and others. On 28th of July she performs at the Isola di Capraia (I) Capraia Musica Festival with a Recital Cello Solo.

Miriam Prandi also participates in the MITO SettembreMusica 2018.

It is a festival that already has its uniqueness, namely a bridge that connects two closely related ways of life and, at the same time, are so different from each other, like Turin and Milan. The festival offers a single mirror program for both, albeit with slight variations in favor of the individualities of each city.

There are 16 days of music in each of the two cities, a total of 125 events for an audience, who can enjoy a real music party.

One of these spectacles is 'ESPLOSIONI', it is an orchestra of young people and also a young soloist, Miriam Prandi, who are led by a legendary wand, Vladimir Fedoseyev. This combination of three different partitures will turn into an explosion of colours.

This concert takes place on September 15, at 9 pm at the 'Teatro alla Scala' on the Via Filodrammatici in Milan.

©Neda Navaee


João Menegussi - Scholarship 2013-2016

As of December 2018 is a permanent member of the famous ABT, the American Ballet Theater, which was founded in 1939 at the Lincoln Center in NY by Lucia Chase.

“I’m writing you to announce that ABT is taking me as a full corps de ballet member for the next season, and I couldn’t be happier!”

At the Youth America Grand Prix 2012, he receives a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation to begin his professional studies at the Tanz Akademie Zürich (TAZ) under the direction of Oliver Matz and Steffi Scherzer. Menegussi wins the First Prize at the Joinville Dance Festival 2012, the Silver Medal at the 2015 Tanzolymp and is a finalist at the Prix de Lausanne 2016. In 2015 he dances with the Ballet Zurich in Giselle, which was reconstructed by Patrice Bart and participated in the Dance Gala of the renowned TAZ.

Menegussi joins the American Ballet Theater Studio Company in September 2016, becomes Apprentice of the main company in December 2017 at the Lincoln Center in New York and, in June 2018 he becomes part of the Corps de ballet.

©Aliocha Merker                                                                  © 



Cinevox junior company - Neuhausen Switzerland

Das Ballett Cinevox Junior Company, verzaubert das Publikum in der Maag Halle Zürich (CH) mit dem berühmten Ballett "Chäs" des Schweizer Choreographen Heinz Spoerli.
Das Konzept, jung, professionell, dynamisch hat ein eigenes Gesicht mit Wiederkennungswert verliehen. Eigenheiten der Tänzer aus afrikanischen, asiatischen, südamerikanischen und europäischen Kulturen fliessen in die Bewegungsdramaturgie und die Choreografien an.

©Cinevox Junior Company 


Tanaka Roki - Scholarship 2017-2019

As a student of the College of Contemporary & Urban Stage Dance (Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen & Urbanen Bühnentanz) he will be performing at Theater der Künste from July 11 to July 14, 2018.

"My life long dream came true when I received a full scholarship from the school and started my professional dance education as an international student at the HF ZUB during the year 2015!
I consider myself fortunate for receiving a full scholarship which was a wonderful opportunity I would have never got.
Being exposed to a lot of dance styles has made my dance vocabulary grow as well as expanding my dance knowledge.
I appreciate the services offered by the school and all the efforts put by the teachers to encourage students to become better each day."


Tanaka Roki obtains successfully his diploma at the Tanzwerk 101, Höhere Fachschule for Contemporary and Urban Stage Dance in Zurich in July 2018.

Mr. Roki continues his studies in August, in order to ontain his 'Bachelor of Contemporary Dance' at the ZHdK in Zurich, under the artistic direction of Samuel Wuersten and the study direction of Gianni Malfer.



©Ikenna Nwaogu 


Madeleine Harms - Scholarship 2010-2011

Madeleine is a permanent member of the ensemble at the Mainz Staatstheater since the 2017/18 season, performing also at Soul Chain (Sharon Eyal).

Soul Chain is inspired by strong emotions around the theme of "love" combines elements of ballet and electro into a thrilling contemporary dance.

©Andreas Etter

©Andreas Etter

News 2017

The school project welcome2school, which we support with the acquisition of books as well as school material, received the nomination in January 2017 as Heroes of the Everyday Life of the Swiss radio and television. Here is the 4-minute report: Welcome2school - SRF Schweiz AktuellIn the 2016-17 school year, 80 pupils were taught.


Andrea Zinnato - Scholarship 2015-2017

Andrea is awarded a contract as a dancer in the ballet ensemble of the Nordharzer Stadtbundtheater in Halberstadt for the 2017-2018 season.


Tereza Slavkovská - Scholarship 2016-201

Tereza completes her training at the Scuola Dimitri in July with the Master of Arts in Physical Theater. 


Zsolt Bács - Scholarship 1991-1992

Zsolt founded a film production company in Berlin: In 2017 he prepares two film projects as a director. One of them is about a young girl who wants to become a ballet dancer.  

Szolt Bacs

Madeline Harms - Scholarship 2010-2011

Madeleine develops a blog and website Travelling Dancers Co. for professional dancers, inspired by her own numerous dance journeys as well as experiences and advice from her professional colleagues to document and describe the places to which the dance leads them.At the Dutch National Opera, Amsterdam Madeline dances in The Polovtsian Dances, choreographed by Itzik Galili in Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin.


Antonella Martinelli - Scholarship 2003-2007

Antonella dances in the world premiere of the ballet "Pinocchio" in the choreography by Will Tuckett at the National Ballet of Canada the semi-soloist role of one of the Blue Fairy Shadows.


Antonella gives an insightful interview about the life as a ballet dancer with stunning photos of herself in a portrait project about members of the National Ballet Canada.


Lea Galasso - Scholarship 2017-2018 (Cello)

Antonella performed on her first Vortragsabend at the Musik Akademie Basel the concert of Christian Bach in C minor in the chapel of the Adullam Foundation Basel on April 1, 2017. Daniela Ambrosoli and Franz Marcacci attended the concert and meet Lea personally.

Daniela Ambrosoli visits the premiere of Trittico contemporaneo with creations by Jiri Kylian, Johanninger and Matteo Levaggi in the beautiful Teatro Massimo in Palermo and meets the Italian choreographer Matteo Levaggi as well as the famous director Alessandro Cadario. Matteo will create a new creation of the ballet Sleeping Beauty for the company of the Teatro Massimo from October 2017. The premiere is on 17th December 2017 in Palermo.
f.l.t.r.: A. Merker, Matteo Levaggi's mother, M. Levaggi, D. Ambrosoli 

Andrea Zinnato - Scholarship 2015-2017

Andrea performs in the latest Delattre Dance Company production Frameless. For the 2017-18 season, Andrea will be member of the ballet company of the Nordhausen Theatre in Thuringia, Germany.

.©Klaus Wegele 

Salvatore Mulone - Scholarship 2013-2014

Salvatore is a member of the ballet company of the Primorsky Stage of the State Academic Mariinsky Theater in Vladivostock, Siberia, for the season 2016 -17. He gains his professional experiences in the ensemble's classical repertoire as a Corps de Ballet member such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Le Corsaire, The Firebird and Carmen Suite.


Aristide Rontini - Scholarship 2007-2010

Aristide develops and curates the project "Danza e corpo di periferia - Spettacoli di danza", a unique event combining contemporary dance, art and the visit of the extraordinary places of Imola. Because of its richness and its transversality, it is part of the program music in 2017 of the city of Imola.



Fulvia Mancini - Scholarship 2008 -2009 (Cello)

Fulvia gives the concert Il Quadrifoglio barocco in May 2017 in the town hall in Effretikon. It is the second concert of the ambitious project Die Musik blüht by Fulvia Mancini with works by Joseph Haydn and Antonio Vivaldi with the soloists Massimiliano Martinelli (violoncello), Daria Zappa (violin) and Massimiliano Matesic (harpsichord).In June, Fulvia performs with Franz Schubert's works in the villa of Richard Irniger in Zurich. Mr. Irniger regularly organizes house concerts for young, talented musicians in his premises.By their duo Mr. & Mrs. Cello, Massimiliano Martinelli and Fulvia Mancini present original and original interpretations from Haydn to Sting. They commit themselves with dedication and joy to bring classical and pop music to an international audience in all parts of the world.


Tereza Slavkovská - Scholarship 2016-2017

Tereza presents an open-air performance at the Locarno Camping Delta on the occasion of the 60th jubilee of the company, which the Ticino entrepreneur Pierino Ambrosoli founded in the year1957. With five other students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, she offers a charming entertaining program that captivates the audience.

In June the performance of her master thesis Her Nature with three other women (Jazmina Piktorová, Anna Conková, Anna Kuch), expressing her psychological and physical sensitivities in the form of voice, cello and intense expressive physicality, takes place at the St. Ann Chapel above Verscio. The stony, steep mule track from the village center to the chapel invites the visitors to physical exertion but compensates with a magnificent view over the Maggia Delta and Centovalli. Daniela Ambrosoli and Franz Marcacci visit the performance. In the autumn, Tereza completes her studies at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri with a Master of Arts in Physical Theater.



Kirvan Fortuin - Scholarship 2014-2016

Kirvan presents his choreography Silver & Gold (You & I) with dancers of the Cape Town City Ballet at the Artscape Opera House in Cape Town, South Africa from 9th to 11th June with great success together with the new creation Earthwalker des Cape Town Ballet and the Cape Junior Ballet. Website


Laia Sanmartin - Scholarship 2009-2010

Choreographs for graduates of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri Verscio for the Middle Age market at the Münsterhof Square from 16 to 18 June 2017 a Hexentanz in the water-filled well and lets young men climb on the well and sprinkle the water so that all would be wet.


Magdalena Dziegielewska - Scholarship 1997-1998

Finishes her dancer career after an 18-year membership at the Stuttgart Ballet, as a soloist since 2004/05. At the beginning of the season 1999/2000 Magdalena was recorded in the Corps de ballet of the Stuttgart Ballet. For her singing qualities, she interpreted Wild is the wind of Nina Simone in the resume of Lulu. A Monster Tragedy (Christian Spuck) in the season 2007/08.


Ravello Dance Festival
Mrs Dr. Laura Valente, director, invited Daniela Ambrosoli on the fantastic open air stage to admire the company Les Italiens de l'Opéra de Paris, newly founded by Alessio Carbone, the first soloist of the Opéra de Paris. The Nuit de la Danse program includes two world premiers: Bread and Roses, choreographer Simone Valastro, and Black Dust, choreographer Matteo Levaggi. The costumes of Bread and Roses and Black Dust are from Christian Lacroix, Paris.

Les Italiens de L’Opéra de Paris:

 La Sylphide, Choreography A. Bournonville, Letizia Galloni ©Giuseppe Izzo

Adagietto, Choreografie O. Araiz, Ambre Chiarcosso, Simone Valastro ©Giuseppe Izzo

Bread and Roses, Choreografie S. Valastro, Musik Philip Glass ©Giuseppe Izzo

Black Dust, Choreography M. Levaggi, Valentine Colasante, Alessio Carbone ©Cristina Golin 

Stage Ravello Festival 2017 

f.l.t.r.: S. Valastro, B. du Vignaud de Villefort, A. Carbone, M. Levaggi ©Giuseppe Izzo


M. Levaggi, D. Ambrosoli

Il Sole 24 Ore: La lezione di Ravello: giù i muri con l’arte


Daniela Ambrosoli gives a telephone interview for a portrait of the former scholarship holder Kirvan Fortuin (2014-2016) in the documentary Dokumentêr of the South African RSG. The South African Broadcasting Corporation is a public service and a commercial broadcasting corporation.



Michael Maurissens - Scholarscip 1992-1993

Is invited with his documentary film The Body as Archive (Germany, 2016) to the San Francisco Dance Film Festival as well as to the Cinedans Festival Amsterdam.

"The Body as Archive investigates role of the dancer, who creates, accumulates and carries choreographic knowledge. Where is this knowledge stored and what do dancers explore through their dance practice?  What’s the difference between a dancer’s body and a non-dancer’s body? To what extent can this knowledge be made accessible and conveyed?"



The Swiss film director Stefan Haupt starts a new film project «Zürcher Tagebuch». The film is "a cinematic essay that tries to reflect and locate what is going on with difficult social and political changes ... and also involves personal texts, pictures and observations." The film is expected to be released in autumn 2019. He is also supported by the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.


© Dominique Meienberg


Fulvia Mancini - Scholarship 2008-2009 (Cello)

Fulvia performs at the Festival der Stille in Kaiserstuhl (CH) with Daria Zappa, violin, Silvyia Savova, violin, Ryszard Groblewski, viola, Massimiliano Martinelli, cello, the string quartet in C-Dur by F. Schubert D 956. The Kaiserquintett was founded by Fulvia in 2017.


 "The Making of a Dream" a documentary by Daniela Ambrosoli, Image & Sound Aliocha Ivan Merker, edited by Johannes Hiroschi Nakajima, is invited to the LA Femme International Film Festival and the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards Festival. In August, Daniela Ambrosoli receives the Award of Best Woman Filmmaker.

The film is a film about dance and dancers, about their lives, joys and sorrows, from young children who are starting in modest amateur dance schools, to the Principals of the world's leading dance companies.



©Karolina Kura


©Daniela Ambrosoli


©Aliocha Ivan Merker 


Lucia Solari - Scholarship 2000-2002

Lucia joins the Ballet Kiel from the Northern Ballet in Leeds (GB), where she has been the first soloist in many roles since 2014/15.



Eugénie Rebetez - Scholarship 2004-2005

Eugénie presents her new creation Bienvenue at the Theater Spektakel Zurich, followed by a performance at the Tanzhaus Zürich, with great success.

"Bienvenue is about a mysterious woman sitting alone with her thoughts in her four walls. To fill emptiness, she explores her inner being, imagines her company, begins dialogue with what surrounds her. Hope, doubt, joys and fears - like ebb and flow, the up and down of her feelings also seems to be controlled by an inexplicable force.”


The award ceremony of the Swiss Dance Prize took place for the third time at the Théâtre Equilibre in Fribourg on 12 October 2017 in the presence of Federal Councilor Alain Berset. The prize is awarded every two years by the Federal Cultural Office. The prize winners 2017 are:

Grand Prix Dance

Noemi Lapzeson, choreographer, dance educator and founder of the Compagnie Vertical Danse in Geneva for her pioneering performances in contemporary dance

Outstanding dancer in 2017

Tamara Bacci and Marthe Krummenacher

June Johnson Dance Prize
Kiriakos Hadjiioannou for «Hyperion - Higher States Part 2»

A special award received AIEP Avventure 
Claudio Prati & Ariella Vidach

Other prizes

  • inaudible (Zoo/Thomas Hausert)
  • iFeel3 (*Melk Prod./Marco Berrettini)
  • Le Récital de Postures (Yasmine Hugonnet)
  • Creature (Josef Trefeli, Gabor Varga)

Daniela Ambrosoli and Franz Marcacci attend the award ceremony in 2017.


Madeline Harms - Scholarship 2010-2011

2017-2018 is a member of the TanzMainz company, director Honne Dohrmann. In October, Sharon Eyel, a globally acclaimed icon of contemporary dance and her partner Gai Behar create the choreography Soul Chain.

©Andreas Etter


David Melcarne - Scholarship holder 2007-2009

David works for the Fondation valaisanne en faveur des personnes handicapées mentales. In 2017 he obtains the Bachelor of Arts HES-SO of the Haute école de travail social.


"The Making of a Dream" by Daniela Ambrosoli, Image & Sound Aliocha Ivan Merker, edited by Johannes Hiroschi Nakajima, is invited in Amsterdam to the Docs for Sale of IDFA. IDFA is considered the world's largest festival for documentary films.

Mattia Zappa - Scholarship 1994-1995
In the beautiful Marian Hall in Lucerne plays Mattia, international soloist and member of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, with one of the most extraordinary classical guitar duos (9-string Viennese romantic guitars) of the last years, the Duo Morat-Fergo, works by JS Bach, Franz Schubert and Manuel de Falla.
Teatro Massimo Palermo: December 17 première of Matteo Levaggi Sleeping Beauty.
News 2016
We are very pleased with our ex-scholarship holders, who completed their training in July 2016 in order to start their first engagements.


Michele Ciacci (*1997) and Andrea Zinnato (*1995) complete their training at the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin with the diploma as Staatlich geprüfter Bühnentänzer. Michele receives his first contract with the Theater Hof. There is a four-party theater in the Bavarian town of Hof under the direction of Barbara Buser. Michele can be seen in the productions:


Andrea is a freelance member of the Delattre Dance Company in Mainz, founded by Stéphen Delattre and directed with great success. Performances in the 2016/17 season are among others Frameless, which premieres is in February 2017. With the successful production of Notre Dame de Paris, the company goes on tour again and again.


After João Pedro Menegussi (*1998) reached the Finale at the Prix de Lausanne 2016, he finished his apprenticeship at the Tanz Akademie Zurich with the Eidgenössischem Fähigkeitszeugnis (EFZ) as a stage dancer. His first engagement is with the Studio Company of the American Ballet Theater in New York. With the ABT Studio Company, the choreography Rondo Capriccioso by Alexei Ratmansky was performed in a gala of the American Ballet Theater. There followed some performances in a school theater with the parade number of the Toreros from the ballet Don Quixote. In December the traditional Christmas performance of the Nutcracker Ballet takes place. The choreographer Liam Scarlett is working with the ABT Studio Company as well as with the Royal Ballet School for the annual exchange to create a new production, which premieres at the end of January 2017. In the documentary film of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation The Making of a Dream, João is one of the protagonists.


After a three-year course at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Kirvan Fortuin (*1991) finishes his studies with the Bachelor in Arts. During his studies, he was selected to stage his own piece at the Baxter Dance Festival as part of the main program. The work is carried out by members of the Cape Town City Ballet and by freelancers from Cape Town. A second project is a new creation for the Afro Vibes Festival in the Netherlands, which will travel to Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam. The work is performed by the Vuyani Dance Theatre (Johannesburg) and the Codarts University for the Arts.Kirvan takes part in the documentary The Making of a Dream of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.


Already during his training at Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Faustino Blanchut (*1991) created his first play, La Mauvaise Herbe, which is awarded with the Prix Thalenthesis of the Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana. After completing his studies with the Bachelor of Arts in Theater/Physical Theater, he will be performing together with his father, Pierre Blanchut, a musician, in November 2016 at the Teatro San Materno in Ascona. A special honour is that his play has been selected to take part in Rencontre Chorégraphiques, organized by Mouvement Contemporain, at Micadanses in Paris.



Since October 2015 Daniela Ambrosoli has worked with her son Aliocha Merker as a cameraman on a new documentary film The Making of a Dream, a film about dance, dancers, dancers and their lives, joys and sorrows from the modest amateur school of small children to the longed-for success as a principal dancer in a leading company of the world. Editor: Johannes Nakajima.



Ivan Urban - Scholarship 1992-1994

After a 20-year career at the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier Ivan gives his farewell to the stage. In the future, he will be seen as a special actor on stage and as an assistant to the ballet masters of John Neumeier, as a teacher for the upcoming dancer generation. Creations:

  • Telemachos in „Odysee“
  • König Koll/Fortinbras in „Hamlet“ (1997, Neufassung)
  • Sir Andrew in „Vivaldi oder Was ihr wollt“
  • Eros in „Bernstein Dances“
  • Serge Diaghilew in „Nijinsky“
  • Konstantin (Kostja) Gawrilowitsch Trepljow in „Die Möwe“
  • Carsten in „Préludes CV“
  • Friedrich der Grosse in „Tod in Venedig“
  • Der Arzt und Serge Diaghilew in „Le Pavillon d’Armide“



Salvatore Mulone (* 1995) is a member of the ballet company of the Primorsky Stage of the State Academic Mariinsky Theater in Vladivostock, Siberia, and collects his professional experience in the ensemble's classical repertoire as a Corps de Ballet member such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Le Corsaire, The Firebird and Carmen Suite.