Documentary "CAVEMAN"

The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation is pleased to support again a film project. The film project is the documentary CAVEMAN directed by Tommaso Landucci, which is a coproduction between Contrast Film Zurich and the renowned Italian DocLab Roma. The documentary highlights the life of Filippo Dobrilla, the real CAVEMAN and also an eccentric sculptor who refused to comply with social conventions his entire life. The last 30 years he withdrew into a dark cave which lies 650 meters below ground under the Apuan Alps in Italy. At the age of 50 he decides to leave behind the self-chosen solitude and the challenge of poverty. He reveals himself and his works to the public. It’s a high price the artist has to pay. He leaves the cave which conceals his deep secret: a masterpiece which should not have been seen by the public during his lifetime. An existential decision presented in extreme pictures. Sadly Filippo Dobrilla died from cancer in July 2019, shortly after his return to society. All the best to all the parties for the completion of this film project. We are looking forward to the premiere.