Activities and Projects

The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation has awarded scholarships and grants in the following areas:

Ballet and Modern Dance

  • Training at internationally recognised academies

  • Participation in competitions, dance workshops, and summer programmes

  • Choreographies and contributions, dance projects, and performances

  • Organisation of auditions in collaboration with international academies for stage dance

  • Apprenticeships in a ballet company for dancers who complete their studies with accolades

  • Organisation of artists’ own performances


  • 15 Years, Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, 5 July 2005 –
    Rigiblick Theatre, Zürich

  • 18 Years, Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, 21 September 2008 –
    Rigiblick Theatre, Zürich

  • 25 Years, Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, 8 June 2015 –
    Rigiblick Theatre, Zürich

Dance and Movement Theatre

  • Swiss Professional Ballet School (SBBS)
  • Prix de Lausanne
  • Bern Ballet
  • Ballet National de Marseille Roland Petit
  • “Contemporary Dance Zurich” company
  • “Nomades” company
  • “Looping” company
  • “Linga” company
  • “Krassen Krastev” company
  • “Metzger/Zimmermann/de Perrot” company
  • “Prototype-Status” company, Jasmine Morand
  • “Yondering Exchange” exchange programme, The National Ballet School Canada / Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

  • Königsfelder Festspiele 2004
  • Choreographer Mi Jung
  • Tiziana Arnaboldi dance theatre
  • Les Ballets Russes, Toni Candeloro
  • Scuola Paolo Grassi, Lucinda Childs, Milan
  • Youth America Grand Prix 2006, New York
  • ZAL dance concert, André Despond and Andrea Herdeg
  • Künstlerhaus MousonTurm, Frankfurt am Main
  • Lucerne Theatre Dance Ensemble
  • Zürich Dance Academy/Zurich University of the Arts
  • Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, Ticino, Switzerland

Dance Theatre

  • Scuola D’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi, Milan


  • Concerts in San Martino, Ticino, Switzerland Mattia Zappa/Massimiliano Mainolfi duo
  • International New Symphony Orchestra (INSO)
  • CIDE benefit gala
  • Compact disks (CDs) of artists including:
    Duo Zappa/Mainolfi, Maristella Patuzzi, Fortunat Frölich, André Desponds, NAÏVE rock band
  • Basel Music Academy
  • Berne University of the Arts
  • Zurich University of the Arts
  • The Soweto Project


  • European Film Actor School (EFAS)
  • HN Hermann Nitsch
  • The Making of a Dream
  • papa&dada

Retraining / Advanced Training

  • Swiss International Advanced Training Course in Choreography
  • Dance WEB Europe: Impuls Tanz Wien
  • “Pilates” training

Symposia of the International Organization for the Transition of Professional Dancers (IOTPD)

1995, Lausanne
The Dancer in Transition: Facing the limits, the realities and solutions

1998, The Hague & Toronto
The Dancer of the XXI Century - Education for Transition in a Changing World

2004, Monaco
Career Transition and the Professional Dancer, International Findings / New Perspectives

More information


  • “Ein Leben für den Tanz” – Jean Deroc
  • “Der Tänzer und sein Körper” – Dr Joseph Huwyler


  • Swiss Dance Archive / Archive suisse de la danse
  • MART - museo d'arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto