Swiss auditions for the Rotterdam Dance Academy/Codarts


The first auditions were held with 21 applicants on 13 and 14 May 2000 at the Stadttheater Bern. The first two instructors from the Rotterdam Dance Academy/Codarts to teach at the audition were Eef de Kiviet, for classical dance, and Raymond Esterhuizen, for modern dance. Also participating from the very beginning was the pianist Brian Gill from Zürich.

Over the course of 11 years, the number of audition participants steadily grew to 50 applicants per year. The Swiss auditions rapidly gained great popularity among participants from many countries. As a result, a total of 88 applicants from 14 nations received an invitation to train at the Rotterdam Dance Academy/Codarts, nine of whom received a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.

The following people completed their training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy/Codarts as an important step in their career:

Sarah Braschler


Freelance dancer in:

  • Theater
  • Musical
  • Entertainment
  • TV
  • Film
  • Advertising

Alexander Carbonaro


  • Rotterdam Dance Atelier
  • De Dutch Don’t Dance Division
  • Amsterdam

Jasmine Morand


  • International choreographer
  • Director, Prototype Status Cie

Linda Neruda


  • RAZ dance company, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Werner Nigg


  • Dance apprenticeship, Herve Kuobi Company
  • Choreographer (France) / Dancer (Denmark, Germany, Italy)
  • Culture creator, Grisons, Switzerland

Andrea Schärli


  • Movement specialist
  • Lecturer, University of Bern, Institute for Sport Sciences

Jeanine Schmid


  • Czerner Dance Company, Constance, Germany

Naima Sommacal


  • Freelance dancer in Berlin, Germany

Nancy Tesolin


  • Luciano di Natale Dance Company
  • Naway Dance Company

Starting in 2006, the Swiss auditions were held in the beautiful premises of the dance and yoga studio akar in Bern, which resulted in a long-standing and wonderful collaboration with Annemarie and Amita Parekh.

The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation would like to particularly thank Samuel Wuersten, artistic director of the Rotterdam Dance Academy/Codarts since 2001 and jury chairman of the Swiss auditions, and the teachers of the Rotterdam Dance Academy/Codarts whose instruction helped to establish a professional basis for the selection of the applicants.

Deserving particular mention are:

Anne van Tol
Classical dance
Nikolai de Lusignan
Classical dance
Antien van Mierlo
Cunningham Technique
Louise Frank
Limón Technique
Michele Pogliani
Cunningham Technique