Malù Cortesi's travel diary "A bit of Iran"

Malù Cortesi, the swiss-born artist from Locarno (TI), is well known for his art and his job as a teacher. But what people mostly don’t know: Malù Cortesi loves to travel and he is an enthusiastic cyclist. In the summer of 2019 he covered a distance of over 2’500 kilometers through Iran riding on his bicycle seat. He recorded this journey full of stresses and strains, through one of the once most progressive countries in the world, in a very touching and compelling travel diary using his own texts and photographs. The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation will make the release of this fascinating travel diary possible. The publishing company of the book will be Salvioni Edizioni. The foreword and two photographs were contributed by the world-renowned photographer Reza Khatir, an Iranian himself. Book design: Cynthia Garcia.