Miriam Prandi's work for MusicAeterna

Our ex-scholarship taker and cellist Miriam Prandi stayed in Saint Petersburg (Russia) since the outbreak of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic started. There she works for MusicAeterna under the leadership of Maestro Teodor Currentzis. She enthuses about her current situation: “There is an excellent working atmosphere at MusicAeterna and I can refine myself artistically. I have been “saved“ by this fantastic project by Maestro Currentzis during this worldwide crisis, especially because live concerts in Russia are still possible even if there are strict restrictions.“. Miriam Prandi is very fortunate. Thanks to MusicAeterna she can currently perform twice a week at Radio Dom in Saint Petersburg. Some of her performances are in chamber music and some others are solo concerts. “This is an invaluable experience, but I’m also looking forward to perform again as a soloist in Europe.”.

© Daniil Rabovsky