Sarah Kora Dayanova ex-scholarship holder

Sarah Kora was born in Geneva and begins her first ballet instruction at five years of age at the Conservatoire de Genève.
During her wonderful career Sarah Kora won several awards at ballet competitions all over the world. At the Prix de Lausanne 2001 she belongs to the finalists and receives all major prizes: the Prix Bourse, Prix du Meilleur Suisse and the Prix des Téléspectateurs.
A scholarship of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation in 1998 enables her professional ballet training at the ballet school of the Paris Opera in Nanterre.
One of her teachers was the famous ballerina of the Paris Opera: Noella Pontois.
Actually Sara Kora is “Sujet” at the famous company of Paris Opera.
This year 2022 she is playing in a creation of Pina Bausch at the Opera de Paris.

The whole Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation team wishes all the best and every success.