Lorenzo Galdeman's performances in the season 2019/2020

In the season 2018/19 Lorenzo Galdeman becomes a member of the ballet company of the Opera Graz (AT). In the season 2019/20 he will be performing in the following productions: "Cinderella", "Zum Sterben zu schön", "Schwanengesang", "Happy (No) End", "Guys and Dolls" und "Die Fledermaus". Opera Graz season 2020 Lorenzo dances in "Zum Sterben zu schön" (Too beautiful to die), a ballet by Jo Strømgren An uplifting evening and maybe – just maybe – the saddest piece of the season. A piece about death in the romantic age. Dying and death meant something else in those days, even if they had the same final impact. An evening of beautiful sounds and even more beautiful music, although the music will mostly be played in minor keys. An evening, which bows before the genius of the great music masters with lots of versatile dance elements: their life, their genius, their death and their ongoing vigour through their art. These are all remarkable aspects of "Zum Sterben zu schön" (Too beautiful to die).