Gonka Gümüsayak's project in 2018

Gonca Gümüsayak performs her self-conceived and choreographed dancing-clown play "Dancing Letters" at the solo dance festival "CerModern 2018" in Ankara. This solo is a contemporary dance performance looking for ways of communication, just like language inviting herself into the sphere of communication which examines the convention between space and time trough letters, the letters change into shapes, sounds and words in space, focusing on the relationship of text and movement. In the process William Forsythe's repertory and movement technique is researched and performed. In November 2018 she works on the first part of her dance-film project "The dance of a tree in four seasons" in Ascona (TI). The theme is about reversing time in movement. By the end of the year she learns new skills for "movement in comedy forms" in December 2018 at a clown workshop with Mick Barnfather.

©Gonca Gümüsayak