Lorenzo Galdeman 2022 neues Projekt


“ From a moment of reflection, of contrast, of embracing the unknown, “Star Walk” was born.

Take a walk in this journey, not only in the space around us, but also in ourselves.

So close yet so far to be appreciated, the smallest movements can shape shift to something significant.

The water flowing represents life, accompanied by an angelic and peaceful white background.

The sand dropping on the sphere represents instead time, surrounded by a black intense constellation.

The sphere in its simplicity, represents our world, not only the physical one, but also the emotional one, vulnerable and pure.

Step in your essence, finding harmony in chaos and chaos in harmony.


Cinematography: Peter Kerschhackel  @peterkerschhackelfilm
Photography Stefan Leitner: @stefan_leitner
Production: Flare Talents @flaretalents 
Choreography, Music & Concept: Lorenzo Galdeman @lorens1998
Production Design: Mina Löscher @champagnemulan
Creative Direction: Adi Lozancic @adilozancic
BTS Photos: Selman Klicic @jesuisselman
BTS Video: Dawid Adamus  @deradamus
Genie Patrathiranond @genieinthewild
Sophie Wendler @sophiewendler
Saskia Hecher @saskia.hecher
Mina Löscher @champagnemulan
Fabio Lubrano @bboyishyu
Jonas Maiberg @yojo_jonas
Wei Hao Cheng @wei.nihao
Anzhelika Khaliman @anzhelikabambi
Christina Muntean
Helena Lang @0hhelnah
Kiara Trenggono @kiara_kiki
Nina Hermann @ninahermania
Johanna Fürst @johanna_fuerst
Anna Katharina Pfenicher @anna.pfenicher
Ida Pernthaler @idapernthaler