Madeline Harms August 2023

Madeline Harms started dancing in Australia very young before she moved to Europe in 2010, where she began studying at Codarts University the Arts in the Netherlands with the generous support of our Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation. During her last year of study, she gained her first professional experience through an internship at the Dutch dance company De Stilte. After graduating, she joined the youth dance company Dantzaz Konpainia in Spain, which was led by Adriana Pous. During this time, she worked with choreographers such as Itzik Galili, Jacek Pryzybylowicz, Jacopo Godani and Jone San Martin, and was also involved in the work of Lukas Timulak. She then returned to the Netherlands and worked as an independent dancer with numerous choreographers and organizations such as Korzo Productions, Generale Oost/Introdans, Itzik Galili and the Dutch National Opera. She was also a member of the modern ensemble Another Kind of Blue under the direction of David Middendorp and toured a lot in Europe. Since the 2017/18 season, she has been a permanent ensemble member at the Mainz State Theatre and can be seen, among other things, in riot in the head. In the past season, she could be seen in Soul Chain (Sharon Eyal) and Tambora and can be seen in the new production The Cell (UA).