Lorenzo Galdeman's first season at the Opera Graz

I am a ballet dancer at the Opera of Graz. This is my first season at the Opera and also my first job as a dancer, graduating as a student from the Tanz Akademie Zürich in 2018. I am very excited to be here and also to be part of this wonderful company. We are 18 dancers (9 boys and 9 girls) with an age range from 20 to 35. I am the youngest in the company and being surrounded with such a variety of people and dancers, with different backgrounds and experiences, is the best gift I could ask for. Our director is Beate Vollack. We danced “Polnische Hochzeit” and “König Roger”, where dancers, orchestra, choir and soloists are working all together on Stage. Our season will be concluded with “Jahreszeiten”. During the year we had the chance to partcipate to different events such as Bühnenshow, Opern Redoute, Open Classes and choreographic projects with the Kunsthaus of Graz. I’m very happy here in Graz: the company and its environment are wonderful, the city is full of art and modernity and the Theatre, well organized and efficient, became my second home. Everyday for me is a new adventure to live and discover fully, learning always a new lesson and allowing me to grow and experience in every field.

©Andreas Ziller