Lou Steiger's successful performance at the book launching party of Daniela Ambrosoli

Our scholarship taker Lou Steiger and nine of her colleagues, all students at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, thrilled the guests from the Camping Delta in Locarno with their show “Die Hand (The Hand)”. The performance took place as part of the book launching party for the biography of our foundation’s president Daniela Ambrosoli. The 40-minute show enchanted the audience and highlighted the fabulous ambience of the Camping Delta. The performance of this well coordinated group got the attendants into the right mood for the following reading of the biography “Tochter aus besserem Hause (Daughter from a good house)”. Lou Steiger is a very talented and extremely professional dancer and actor. Congratulations to all the artists for this successful appearance. Lou Steiger will do the presentation of her final assignment for her diploma (Bachelor of Arts in Theatre) on 29th of November 2020 at Accademia Teatro Dimitri. We wish her all the best, lots of success and toi, toi, toi for this big day.

©Aliocha Merker