Sophie Mossa

2004, IT/FR


Sophie was born in Cagliari (IT) in 2004. Her father is Italian and her mother is French. When she happened to witness a dance lesson at the tender age of 2 1/2 years, she immediately fell in love with ballet. From an early age she was used to dancing at home all day long, presumably to her family's annual summer shows. She enjoyed the time with her 2 year older cousin, who is currently training to be a circus artist in Lausanne.

She never stopped dreaming of a career as a professional ballet dancer and realized her dreams through dance classes at the «Insieme per la danza» school in Cagliari.

From an early age she enjoyed traveling a lot and so it is not surprising that she has been attending various dance and ballet intensive courses all over Europe since she was 9 years old: Milan (IT), Florence (IT), Brussels (BE), Monaco (MC), Paris (FR), Biarritz (FR) and Marseille (FR).

In 2016, Sophie was selected to take part in the «Danse Étude» at the École Nationale de Danse de Marseille. After 3 years of ballet and contemporary dance classes, Sophie starts a new adventure in Amsterdam (NL). Since September 2019 she has been studying at the European School of Ballet under the guidance of Jean-Yves Esquerre.

Sophie received a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for her studies at the European School of Ballet for the school year 2020/2021 as well as for the school year 2021/2022.