Mia Kivelä

1983, CH/FI


Mia starts with five years of age her ballet lessons in Finland before coming to Switzerland. There she attends the ballet school of Rita Schwarz and the ballet school for the Zurich Opera House. She continues her vocational training at the Schweizer Ballettberufsschule SBBS Zurich. There she receives a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for both school years.

1998 Mia takes part at the 3rd international competition for classical ballet in Solothurn and wins the 2nd Place in the second age category.
1999 Mia is awarded a Migros dance scholarship. Mia signs a contract with the Hungarian National Ballet in Budapest after her training at the Schweizer Ballettberufsschule SBBS in 2002.
After the end of her career as a dancer Mia learns the profession of a nurse.