Maurizio Romano

1969, CH/IT


Maurizio Romano *1969, CH/IT - 1991-1992

Maurizio Romano was born in Switzerland in 1969 and has Italian citizenship. He spent his childhood and youth in Zurich, where he took his first steps in the world of dance. In 1983, he joined a breakdance group, which marked the beginning of his dance career.

During his remarkable career, Maurizio Romano had various outstanding engagements in well-known institutions and stages. These included performances in the Stadttheater Bern, where he displayed his dancing talent. In addition, he had the opportunity to perform as a guest artist at the renowned Zurich Opera House, which underlined his versatility and his skills in dance.

Maurizio Romano has also participated in various projects, including performances at the English National Ballet as a guest dancer. This testifies to his international success and recognition in the world of ballet. He also performed in London in the City Ballet of London, where he further refined his dancing skills and earned a reputation as a talented dancer.

Maurizio Romano also moved to Rome, where he appeared in variety theaters and TV shows. These experiences helped to diversify his career and expand his artistic palette. After his successful dance career, Maurizio Romano decided on a professional reorientation. He now works as a logistics specialist.