Markus Laubach

1965, DE


Markus was born in Viernheim, Germany. After high school, he applies at various drama schools, performs in small theaters with self-written lyrics.
1989-1990: assistant director in Mannheim, and gets a contract in Heidelberg
1990-1991: basic acting training, stage fencing with Len Shirts, Spielstatt, Ulm
1991-1992: he attends acting school at the Theater Ulm
1992-1993: works as a news editor and spokesman on Radio 7 in Ulm
1992-1993: lecturer in stage fencing, European Film Actor School, Zurich
1993-1994: film acting training, European Film Actor School, Zurich, with a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation

1990-2002: works as an actor for stage and TV
1996 and 1999: choreographies in Duisburg and Berlin
2000-2004: director works in collaboration with the HOT youth club, Hans Otto Theater, Potsdam
From 2001-2012: lecturer in stage fencing and stage combat, acting school Charlottenburg, Berlin
2012: directorial effort, Cyrano after Roets / Visser / Rostand
Today, working as a choreographer and trainer for stage fencing and stage combat