Lorenzo Galdeman

1998, IT


Lorenzo begins his ballet training in 2007 with eight years of age at the Free Harmony Dance Time Dance School in Bolzano Vicentino (VI), Italy. He receives seven years training in various subjects of this school and changes from 2014 to 2015 to the vocational ballet school Il Balletto in Castelfranco Veneto. His main teachers are Susanna Plaino, Oleg Grachov and Stefania Pigato. Since 2011, Lorenzo attends various ballet competitions and workshops. In September 2015 Lorenzo starts his training in the class 1 of the advanced studies at the Zurich Dance Academy of leading to a Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ).

For the school year 2016-2017 the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation supports him with a scholarship for the class 2 of the advanced studies at this school.

For his last year of training 2017-2018 at the Dance Academy's main study 3, Lorenzo is again awarded a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.

In the season 2018/19 Lorenzo Galdeman becomes a member of the ballet company of the Opera Graz (AT). In the season 2019/20 he will be performing in the following productions: «Cinderella», «Zum Sterben zu schön», «Schwanengesang», «Happy (No) End», «Guys and Dolls» und «Die Fledermaus».