Koyo Yamamoto

2001, JP


Born in Tokyo.
Intensive dance lessons at the Acri Horimoto Ballet Academy. Classical and contemporary dance.

Japan Grand Prix: 1st. Prize, Japan.
Ballet Competition in Yokohama: 1st. Prize, Japan.

Tanz Akademie Zürich: takes part at the Ballettwerkstatt at the Theater der Künste, Zurich
Prix de Lausanne: Winner of the Prix de Lausanne full scholarship.
The Nihon Ballet Association (NBA) Competition: 1st Prize, Japan.


Tallinn International Ballet Competition 2018
Gold Medal and Special Prize for Outstanding Performance
Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation’s Scholarship:Tanz Akademie Zürich, Training as a Professional Stage Dancer.
Advance study Level 3, with Oliver Matz as former teacher.

2019 Koyo Yamamoto was granted a scholarship for the school year 2019/2020 by the «Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artist» from the agency for cultural affairs of the government of Japan. This program provides an opportunity for Koyo to continue to study at the Tanz Akademie Zürich (ZHdK) and to carry on with his formation and specialization as a Classical Ballet Dancer.