Iratxe Ansa

1976, ES


Iraxte comes from San Sebastian, Spain. In 1988 she attends the Conservatorio Municipal de San Sebastian. 1991-1994 she gets her ballet training at the National Ballet School John Cranko in Stuttgart. For the school year 1993-1994, the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation grants her a scholarship for this training.
1994-1995 Iratxe receives her first engagement at the Basel Ballett. 1996-97 Iratxe dances at the Gulbenkian Ballet, 1997-2002 at the Compañía Nacional de Danza, 2003-2005 at the Lyon Opéra Ballet and 2006-2009 at the Nederlands Dance Theatre.

Iratxe works as a freelance dancer and teacher for workshops in Europe and the United States, choreographs for various companies and is working on her own performance projects. The most recent, "Interpretation Automatica", in the Matadero, Centro De Creation Contemporanea, in Madrid in November 2012.
2014 Iratxe offers a workshop on contemporary ballet in Mexico at the opening of the Convexus Activities, a dance training by Francisco Rojas. Convexus is an independent organization in Mexico City, which is devoted to other disciplines as producing, experimenting, innovation and new forms of expression of contemporary ballet, dance and contemporary artistic crossovers (such as architecture or visual arts) from various human knowledge areas.