Eugénie Rebetez

1984, CH


Eugénie Rebetez receives her diploma of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem (Holland) in the category of dance / choreography. During the following two years she lives in Brussels and works primarily with David Zambrano.

2005 the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation supports her with a scholarship to attend the international festival DanceWeb Vienna.

In 2008, she returns to Switzerland, begins her choreographic work and receives the third price PREMIO of the Kulturprozent Migros. Parallel to this, she plays in Europe with "Öper Öpis" of the Swiss artists Zimmermann & de Perrot.

2010 she creates her first piece, "GINA". In 2009 she assists the organizers of fund RESO - Dance Network Switzerland and she receives the Prix Cicas - Award for young artists from the Jura and Bernese Jura.

Eugénie Rebetez lives and works in Zurich.

2014 Eugénie tours with her production Encore in various theaters in Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

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