Bérénice Durozey

1999, FR


Bérénice was born in 1999 in Suresnes close to Paris (FRA). After seeing the ballet «Schwanensee» on TV she tells her mother instantly: «I would like to dance in a tutu!». And that is the beginning of her journey to the boards that mean the world. Bérénice is a very energetic and extroverted child that hardly can sit still. She starts with ballet lessons at age five and soon afterwards she gets introduced to «modern dance», «modern jazz dance» and «contemporary dance». Bérénice decides to become a professional dancer at the age of 14 and starts her education in Cannes (FRA) at the «Ecole de Danse Rosella Hightower». Her formation takes place in classical ballet as well as in contemporary dance. Due to this dual training programme she can strengthen her personality and her ambitions for her future. 

In 2017 she starts her studies at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in Zurich (CH). This studies (Bachelor of Contemporary Dance) and her new life in Zurich make her happy and urge Bérénice to follow her dreams even more.

Her passion for dancing quickens thanks to the multifaceted program at the ZHdK. Bérénice Durozey was granted a scholarship from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for the 3rd and last school year (2019/2020) of her studies at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and for her formation as an Dance Apprentice at the Theater St. Gallen under the direction of Kinsun Chan. After graduating and completing her studies with a “Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance” at ZHdK in July 2020, Bérénice Durozey will stay and dance for another year (season 2020/2021) in St. Gallen as a Dance Eleve thanks to the collaboration between the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation and Kinsun Chan, the director of the ballet company Theater St. Gallen and head of the dance company as well as the theater dance school.