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“The Making of a Dream” 
“Tochter aus besserem Hause”

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Michael Wäckerlin was born on February 6, 1976 in Uster (ZH), Switzerland. He spent his early life in Paraguay and Guatemala where he attended Kindergarten and the first part of primary school. After returning to Switzerland the family chooses the Zurich Oberland region as the center of their life. He graduates secondary school in 1992 in Wetzikon (ZH) and then starts his professional career making an apprenticeship with the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). Thanks to this formation as a railway clerk and his wide-ranging interests he works as a career changer in various industries and professions in the swiss private sector: bicycle messenger, assistant in film distribution, production manager for films at Swiss Television, assistant in film production, accountant and assistant to the CEO of a small swiss corporation.

 He is very interested in music, foreign languages and culture since his infancy. At the age of 22 he starts his private classical singing education alongside his daily profession as an employee. His classical singing education takes place by various singing teachers and vocal coaches in Switzerland and abroad. Since 2002 he performs worldwide in various formations and in various opera projects as well as a solo artist.

Michael Wäckerlin is a native speaker of both German and Spanish. He also speaks and writes fluently in English, Italian, and French.